Grand Rapids, Michigan


In Grand Rapids, Michigan, the O’Brien Harris Workshop pulses with the sound of saws and sanders. Here, light streams through sawdust clouds that are wet with the smell of fresh-cut wood.
Here, O’Brien Harris has the heart of a timber company. Days are measured out in a thousand decisions—choosing perfect cuts and thick proportions—with each choice bearing the weight of our reputation. You can feel it in the grain of each piece.O’Brien Harris is an expression of traditional American craftsmanship that is honed by heritage, skill, and uncompromising standards. Grand Rapids was once the furniture capital of America, and buyers the world over came for their markets. We are proud to help this craftwork continue, and honored to be a part of this tradition. For more than one hundred years, the Grand River brought the region’s timber to workshops that refined it into a rich reputation. Today, O’Brien Harris still selects only the finest ethically sourced woods from U.S. timber farms.





Bespoke British Cabinetry

Classic British cabinets are made of oak, walnut, or maple—woods that provide a timeless palette. With dovetail joints and custom finishes, we form these woods into products of pride. We are perfectly precise. We collaborate with our designers to ensure that we do not miss details—or deadlines. We will create what you want—when you want it.

We own this. It is ours. Nothing bears our name unless it is made here, and nothing is made here unless it bears our name.

O'brien Harris is where heirlooms are born.

O'Brien Harris Cabinetry