We begin by listening. When we speak with you, we step into your vision.

We summon our experience to orchestrate your room’s architecture, proportion, light, and color with the perfect materials, textures, and finishes.

We create a sense of calm and rhythm, removing points of visual tension.
The most visited room is often the kitchen—a hearth for a family to gather, a place of welcome for guests.

And every kitchen has unique elements to orchestrate into a flow.


Bespoke Kitchens

Traditionally, unfitted British kitchens flow through three spaces: one for storage, one for preparation, and one that forms the “hearth." By recognizing the historical evolution of these essential kitchen elements, we pay homage to the Welsh dresser, the timber refectory table and masonry stove surrounds of centuries past.

Proper flow harmonizes spaces and elements into one unified expression.

We study your room to capture each element. Then, we nurture your vision—from the tracing paper through the working drawings, cutting timber, building, sanding, and finishing. Unlike others, we manufacture all of our bespoke furniture, so from plans to cabinets, nothing leaves our hands. Nothing is forgotten.

We make your vision our own. We will never entrust it to anyone else.